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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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The Unstoppable reading blog

Each half of the class worked together to create a blog.

This term in Year Two, we have been learning about a Better Life by finding information about Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. We used the internet and found some interesting facts about them… did you know that Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela met after they were released from prison? After reading lots of books about Civil Rights, we found out that Nelson Mandela’s name was Rolihalala, which means trouble maker. We have made posters and flags for our assembly which will perform next week (make sure you read our next blog, all about our assembly!) We have also made games to keep us fit and healthy, as well as helmets for mini chocolate eggs. Thank you for reading this week’s blog, ‘til next time!

The Special's wrote a groovy song all about freeing Nelson Mandela.

Year 2