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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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Value Assemblies



Assembly Values

To strengthen our whole school approach to values, we will be exploring a major theme over a half term. Every week there will be a focus on a particular aspect of that theme. This is to help the children to develop a deeper understanding of the core values of our school.  

One of the certificates that is awarded during Friday’s celebration assembly will be directly linked to that week’s value focus.

We believe the values:

            •   positively affect self-esteem and self-confidence.

•   provide a moral framework.

•   help us to be reflective.

•   lead to mutual respect.

•   help to develop quality relationships between staff/pupils and the community.

•   enable everyone to be equal and have a voice.

•   support the development of emotional literacy.

•   strengthen our sense of belonging

We put philosophy into practice by:

      •   introducing the Value of the half term through assemblies and story times.

      •   making the value an implicit feature across the whole curriculum

      •   having central displays showcasing the value.

      •   recognising and celebrating behaviour that reflects our values.

      •   supporting charities.

      •   encouraging children to take on appropriate responsibilities.

      •   working towards a more sustainable school.

      •  all adults acting as role models.

      •  asking parents and the community for their support.

We expect all adults to act as good role models by:

      •  taking care of each othe

      •  finding time for yourself and showing that you are human.

      •  remembering to be and not just to do.

      •  living your values even when things get tough.