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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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Autumn Curriculum Overview 23


Our main focus during this autumn term is Personal, Social and Emotional development.  We are very aware of how the pandemic has affected all of our lives and in particular the mental well-being of both adults and children. We will be taking the coming weeks at a steady pace to allow children time to adjust to a new routine and for many, separating from yourselves.  

Adults will support and encourage children to become more independent and to learn how to care for their own needs. You can help your child to do this by encouraging them to dress and undress themselves at home.  

During the first part of the autumn term, our short themes will be 'Marvellous Me!’, 'Horrid germs and super sneezes' and 'Harvest'

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Children’s emotional well-being thrives when they have positive and strong relationships with adults and other children. This starts with a clear and robust transition programme. Information shared in your child's 'All about Me' and during discussions during transition visits, is used to inform the learning in the first few weeks of term.

During these first few weeks children will

  • Learn a great deal about relationships and how to get along with others. They will be introduced to activities to develop new skills and have opportunities to play alone, alongside and with other children.

  • On entry quality time is spent establishing clear structures, routines and boundaries.

  • The timetable is planned so that children get to know their new environment, make new friends and build trusting relationships with adults.

  • The environment is set up to promote independent learning encouraging children to make their own informed decisions and choices.

Communication and Language is a fundamental core skill. Throughout your child's time in Nursery, we will be providing many opportunities for them to achieve and build strong foundations for future learning. It is promoted through a language rich ethos and environment in which the Nursery team will narrate, ask questions, model thinking, provide a running commentary, repeat and extend language and give children reasons and a desire to talk.