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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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Autumn Term Parent Information


Our main focus during this autumn term is Personal, Social and Emotional development.  We are very aware of how the pandemic has affected all of our lives and in particular the mental well-being of both adults and children. We will be taking the coming weeks at a steady pace to allow children time to adjust to a new routine and for many separating from yourselves.  

Over the coming weeks we will be encouraging children to become more independent and to learn how to care for their own needs. You can help your child to do this by encouraging them to dress and undress themselves at home.  

This term we Nursery will be focusing on our topic called ‘I am Special’. The activities which have been planned will develop:

Independence and Interdependence

During these first few weeks the children will learn a great deal about relationships and how to get along with others. They will be introduced to activities to develop new skills and have opportunities to play alone, alongside and with other children.


The children will be introduced to books, stories and rhymes. They will be involved in counting activities as well as some of the processes of art and craft. We will sing and learn some simple rhymes.


Throughout these early days the children will learn about playing with different materials, as well as to explore the environment around them to notice seasonal changes. They will be encouraged to talk about their observations.