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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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Meet Our Staff

Headteacher / DSL / SENCO Mrs J Leeman
Deputy Headteacher / DSL / AFSD

Mrs Wretham

Year 6 Mrs Pote and Mrs Bakewell
Year 5

Miss Jabczynski

Year 4

Miss Cooper

Year 3

Miss Field

Year 2

Mr Tibbitts

Year 1

Ms Cox

Reception Mrs Cowley
Nursery / DSL

Mrs Sims

Additional Teacher / Forest School

Mr Deeley

Teaching Assistants
















Miss Gray

Mrs Grant

Mrs Chalk

Mrs Mulliner

Mrs Hutchinson

Mrs May

Mrs Salter

Mrs Hill

Mrs Morrison

Miss Danner

Miss Burn

Mrs Kemp

Miss Horrobin

Miss Truman

Miss Konning

Cressview Classroom


Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lindsay

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Webb

School Business Manager / DSL

Administration / DSL

Administration / DSL

Administration / DSL

Administration / DSL / Social Media

Mrs Burn

Mrs Fawcett

Mrs Burrell

Mrs Street

Mrs Stephens


Mr Jones - PE Apprentice

Miss Baird - PE Apprentice


Miss Wilkins - Manager

Mrs Hill

Mr Burn

School Direct Trainees

Mrs Barnard

Mr Murray

Miss Simcock

Mr Rose

Mr King

Mr Williams

School Caretaker Mr Sims

Miss Player

Miss Manktelow

Lunchtime Supervisors Wherever possible we cover lunch times with our Teaching Assistants to ensure continuity of care:
Miss Wilkins, Mrs Morrison, Mrs Hill and Mr Burn are our contracted mid-day supervisors.