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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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School Aims

We aim to provide a secure, caring environment that will enable children to develop healthy attitudes and become positive, happy and confident members of the community. All contributions are valued and respected. We aim for children to have empathy with and show tolerance towards others. We are particularly keen to develop healthy, fit children who feel safe in the environment of our school. We aim to ensure children enjoy and achieve within the structure we offer. Children are encouraged to make a positive contribution to the community close to school and also to the Global community we all belong to.

Positive behaviour is encouraged in all areas of school activity in an atmosphere of mutual respect, consideration and courtesy.

All children will be encouraged to develop their own self-discipline and take responsibility for their actions. Children agree their own classroom rules and contribute to the rules of the school. This forms the basis of our behaviour policy.

Bullying is not tolerated and any reported incidents are taken very seriously indeed. The school uses the ‘no blame’ approach to bullying which has been very successful. Work within our Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning work focuses on Bullying, enabling the children to fully understand what bullying is and what to do about it.