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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

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What Sport Means To Us

“Sport to me means learning to work as a team and to become a better sportsperson. Sport makes me feel warm and joyful because it’s nice to be outside practising my skills,”  Maisie Year 3

"Sport to me means having fun with lots of different people,"  Will Year 6

“Sport to me means your heart beats hard and fast, this makes me feel really excited. I enjoy football and rugby most,”  Stan Year 3

"Sport to me means having the opportunity to represent the school with honour and always trying your best,"  Ciara Year 6

Welford embraces the holistic values of all sport. Physical skills are developed and celebrated as well as the drive, enthusiasm and self-believing mental attributes it generates. Skills of athleticism, competitive prowess, empathy, fairness, determination and teamwork within the margins of good health and achievement are of paramount importance to add to the growth mindset of all of the children and the whole school.

Welford offers specialist sports coaches and teachers to deliver consistently high quality PE lessons, accompanied by a variety of sporting clubs to inspire individuals and unite tremendous teams!  

Welford has an interactive sports board, in the KS2 corridor by the main door, up to date with all match dates, results and notices. Sports person of the week is displayed along with all children’s sporting achievements. Our celebratory sports board is a key part in visually displaying the values Welford on Avon Primary School acquires from sport. Please feel free to have a look or contribute any action shots!

Curriculum Coverage of Skills/ Activities

  • Dance and Gymnastics
  • Swimming and Life Saving
  • Athletics and Fitness
  • Games (Invasion)
  • Games (Striking and Fielding)
  • Games (Net and Wall)