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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

Summer Term

Learning opportunities for this term 

During the Summer term our learning will be based around ‘Growing and Planting’ and ‘Our World’. The starting point to both themes will begin by celebrating 'World Earth Day'. The children will make a pledge to care for all living things, however big or small.


We will learn about our planet Earth and how it is our responsibility to take care of it. In particular, our main focus will be the oceans and how we can help to reduce plastic pollution.


Speaking, listening and attention skills - will continue to form a big part of your child's learning, since without these they will not be able to make the necessary progress they need to achieve positively.


Mathematics - we will focus much of our learning around shape, space and measures. 


Phonics - we will revisit and review the phonetic sounds linked to letter shapes. As we progress through the summer term, we will support and encourage children to apply these skills to other areas such as writing and reading.


Physical - Continuing to develop skills for handwriting will continue, supporting children to hold a pencil with the correct grip and to gain more control when making marks. 


During the second part of the summer term, children will begin to prepare for their transition into Reception classes.