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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1.  Our team consists of Mrs Wretham, Mrs Chalk and Mrs Verstraeten.

In the Autumn Term, we will be exploring the United Kingdom through our topic We Are Britain, learning about what makes each of the countries unique and the physical and human features of them.  This topic is extended through a study of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II, where the children will explore life in castles and compare these significant people.  This will give the children plenty of writing opportunities.   Humans and animals is the focus in Science, with lots of time to carry out investigations.

As we move into the Spring Term, we will be travelling further afield to look at the lives and journeys of famous explorers through our topic Explorers and then Animals Around the World.  We will learn the different continents and oceans of the world and investigate the different climates, comparing these to our own.  Different materials and their properties will be our focus for Science, giving us a wealth of opportunities to investigate.

We are off to the seaside in the Summer Term for our topic Seasides and Coastlines of Britain, where we will look at the geographical features of seaside around Britain and compare it to our own here in Welford on Avon.  Through Science, we will be exploring plants and growing a variety of them in our outdoor learning area, looking at their features and comparing the different types.

The children will extend their learning through Forest School each week with Mrs Hinton, where they will develop their skills through a range of outdoor experiences.

I look forward to fun-packed learning opportunites this year, which I am sure the children will enjoy.

Mrs Wretham