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Welford-on-Avon Primary School

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2,

I very much look forward to working in Year 2, alongside the vastly experienced Mrs Grant. We are also supported by Miss Kelly who is our school direct trainee in the classroom. 

In English this term, we shall be reading some great texts and learning about many different styles of writing including instructions, letters, non-chronological reports and recounts. We will also be looking at many different grammar skills that we can apply into our writing.

In Maths, we shall look to build on our knowledge from the autumn term and will be looking to use all four operations in our calculations. We shall start to apply these operations into word problems. We shall also study shape and time.

Our Enquiry topic will be "wonderful world" where we will start to look at the continents in the world, different cold and hot climates and how we can use aerial photos to identify landmarks. We shall also study "Animals around the world".

In Science this term we shall study about staying healthy and what a healthy diet looks like. In the second half we shall study animals and their habitats.

We have a school trip coming up to All Things Wild. 

I'm very much looking forward to this exciting year ahead. Please feel free to speak to me if you have any queries at all

Mr Tibbitts